Noninvasive Screening Hemogram Analyzer AMP is used for screening diagnostic of human organism. It allows to carry out medical examination for lots of people very quickly and non-invasively. It gives the report/survey with 124 parameters of organism including hemogram, biochemical, functional, hemodynamic and immunological parameters, gas homeostasis, state of enzymes system, nervous and cardiovascular system, organism's reserves, etc.

The device helps doctor to determine diagnosis: the devices gives a promt about possible diagnosis at the end of a report. A doctor analyses all the information: received report, patient complaints, any previous results (e.g. laboratory analysis, ultrasonography, tomography, etc.) and preliminary diagnoses from the report. On the base of complete information, the doctor can set final diagnosis.

There is no harmful influence of the Analyzer to a patient during examination. Analyzer determines the influence of environment to a patient or rather the degree of this influence in correlation with heat generation and heat emission in organism(enthalpy and entropy of energy).


Mainly private doctors or family doctors use our devices in their work, because they have no opportunities to organize laboratories in their own clinics. But they need the information about their patients fast. So, a doctor receives quick answer and decides what to do: he can send a patient to a laboratory for verification, or send him/her to a hospital in case of serious situation with health or prescribes a medicine and then monitors the process of treatment. Besides, the device can be used in hospitals where a lots of people (with different diseases) come. It will be useful for fast determination of proper department for each patient and choosing further specific methods of diagnostic.


The analyzer AMP has been certificated in Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorus and China.



IMPORTANT! The sytem can be used only by doctors after special training courses. 


The author of the method is Dr.Malykhin Anatolii, an Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Medicine, Leading scientist of the Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Narcology of Ukraine AMS.



Technical part of this development was realized by BIOPROMIN Ltd